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David Mc Gregor has over 40 years’ training  experience. Before arriving in St. Maarten, David had a wild and wonderful background that includes thirteen years' service in the   British police force, working and training for the sun life insurance company, training and troubleshooting for the ford garages, co-creating the now  famous "pathways"  program for the British Labor department,  delivered "job plan" and other employment service  programs from his own training company and subsequently, went on to train trainers , under contract to the labor department, in a third of  England and Wales. David has won acclaim , not  only as an unconventional and inspirational trainer but also as a  motivational speaker on St. Maarten. 

His  experience in the riot and drug squad, in  addition to interrogation and  interview techniques , form a  solid     foundation for the  successful security training he has created.

Often called an info-tainer, David is passionate about engaging his audience and instilling commitment and pride  .                                                   

His training is considered  unconventional in approach and this has proven to be  the key to  success.


Originally from Canada, Rebecca moved to St Maarten in 2007 where she opened a boutique management consulting firm specializing in both strategy and operations for government, business and the not-for-profit sectors.  Prior to her move, she spent close to fifteen years in both the government and charitable sectors. Beginning as an intern in the Prime Minister’s Office, she quickly rose the ranks to hold senior advisor and Chief of Staff positions in some of the most challenging portfolios at the federal and provincial levels. While she has a substantial background in all facets of government, her expertise lies in issues/crisis management, effective communications, policy and procedures. After her departure from government, she made the leap to the charitable sector where she enjoyed the post as  Director General of a unique national think-tank overseeing offices in five cities Rebecca is multi-lingual and has a zest for both learning and adventure.  A strong finance and strategy background assists in her professional endeavours.  In her spare time she is Assistant District Trainer for Rotary District 7020 and is called upon to facilitate and teach sessions in the ten countries and sixteen islands of the Rotary district. One of those unique sessions will see her facilitate leadership sessions on a cruise ship this winter for participants from across North and South America. 



Chantelle is known for being an engaging and passionate speaker. She has over ten years of experience in training, hosting events, running workshops and guest speaking. She is able to take command of a room while delivering  a strong effective message. Her portfolio includes Business Development Training/Sharpen the skills: a variety of training courses designed to help organizations support their markets and customers while competing effectively in business. Enhancing the skills within an organization is a great way to maintain that leading edge while achieving business results. Whether addressing a specific need or simply sharpening skills to gain additional business management insight, clients can choose a  module that best meets their needs.                                                                   

Featured Program Modules:

Structured Problem Solving                                      

Business Process Mapping                                      

Identifying Business Waste                                  

Visual Management

Dashboard Reporting

Visual Management

Dashboard Reporting

Chantelle successfully combines the right mix of professionalism and fun.


Marjan has a broad experience in Human Resources development and in Education. Her roots are in secondary education as a French and German language teacher. She believes in life-long learning and practiced this expression her entire life. Always looking for new endeavors, she continued to develop and continue studying, exploring other working areas. She worked for ten years as Manager Training and Development in a health insurance company. In this position she developed and continued her study again which resulted in her Master Degree in Human Development in Organizations. The elements Marjan uses for her training and coaching, have been assimilated during years of experience as a teacher, trainer, manager, a Division Head in Bilingual Education and as a coach. She shares our mission statement and says that the combination of Education and Human Resources Development has given her the conviction that organizations have no value without  people; who are the resources in whom we HAVE to invest in order to improve our organizations.

SHARON KJELLQUIST: IT professional and senior project manager

Sharon’s bubbly no-nonsense approach makes for user-friendly training sessions. She has extensive experience in leading people and project teams, implementing and overseeing high profile technology projects/programs under high pressure situations and administrating multi-million dollar budgets. She has a broad-based experience in developing new/improved business applications, implementing complex technology solutions and managing delivery partner relationships. A proven leader, team builder, process developer problem-solver she has a track record of managing and delivering projects and programs on schedule and within budget through highly matrix environment with as many as 70 resources at one time. Sharon is our Microsoft expert and soft skills workshops include [ but are not limited to ] Time management, Project Management, Office Organization, Diversity 


Malcolm is our finance expert and also assists in soft skill training

His portfolio includes:

Managerial skills

Supervisory skills

Time management

Book-keeping & accounting


An Accredited life coach, Christine’s  experience was largely in the cosmetic field then a career switch went full circle into management and coaching. Her H.R experience was built up on the Isle of Wight where, as H.R advisor, she had six “Boots the Chemist” stores "under her wing". Christine’s diverse cultural and professional background has contributed in a positive way to her current work. Once an H.R professional, always an H.R professional and Christine has won many awards as a group champion on the HR Toolbox website as a regular subscriber to the many posts.

CLYDE VALOIS-SMITH ICT Manager, Senior ICT Consultant, Certified Technical Trainer

Talented Network administrator with MCSE 200/2003 /2008  certification. His background includes more than twelve years of progressively responsible IT experience in installation, testing, upgrading, troubleshooting, security, administration (local and remote environments), support, and maintenance of LANs/WANs combined with earlier financial/insurance services industry experience.

His expertise includes multi-platform environments (Windows 2003/2008 Server, Windows 2000 Server/Professional, Windows 2000/2003/2008 Small Business, Windows Vista, Windows XP Professional, Windows NT 4.0 Server, Windows NT 4.0 Workstation. Clyde is able to guide motivated, top-performing technical and application support teams in the administration, installation, training and support of client/server hardware, software, peripherals and network systems


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